Coming Soon!

We will be at Gen Con Indy this year running play testing/Demos in theĀ First Exposure Playtest Hall. We have not been given our time slot to run our newest game yet. Our game we will be demoing is called “Where Wolf?” it’s best described as a “A Loud cut throat party Werewolf card game of survival!”
Our Time slots for the Playtest hall are
Thursday 2PM
Friday 10AM
Saturday 12PM
Sunday 12PM

Wherewolflogo You’re a farmer in a small little village high in the mountains. You awake to alarm bells and cries of “Werewolf!”. You now have all day in your towns small market to find the tools you need to survive before nightfall and another full moon.

This game is all about screwing your neighbor over and collecting the cards you need to survive. This fun fast paced party game is played with 3-8 players and is a blast to play!

Here is some Demo play from Gen Con

So sign up and stay informed